Mom has had 10 CVA's that has caused damage to the brain starting in 1981, she had her mitral and aorta valve replaced in 1982, she has been diagnosed with CHF and Atrial Fib, pulmunary hypertension, enlarged heart, Hyponatremia, SIADH, the last two diagnosis are pretty new since Thanksgiving. She has recently lost 15 pounds of fluid, she did have fluid in her lungs, she was put on oxygen at night just on 2 liters, but they are checking now to see if she can come off of it after all the weight loss. She is tired all the time which is new since thanksgiving, She is sleeping by 6:00 and falls asleep during the day in her chair. Since the fluid is off she is not having a lot of trouble breathing, it seems a lot better, her A fib is really out of wack right now her heart rate has been running in the 90's and 100's medicine not bringing it down. Mom is only 66 years old but has been through a lot, I just need to know where we are at, She has been with me for 24 years and for the first time I can honestly say I am scared.

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I have been battling the doctors for months about her holding fluid in her stomach everyone kept blowing me off, I have done this for 24 years I know what to look for but until the fluid got in her lungs they did not do anything. She is on Warafin and has been for years, they have recently put her on a beta blocker which she was on before but they took her off of it.. She has had a wonderful life I believe no matter what she has been through she comes out smiling she is a very special person.
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The doctors probably aren't being very forthcoming because there are too many variables to give a very specific prognosis. Your mom certainly has been through a lot. It sounds like some signs are pointing to improvement, and others are a bit scary. Work with the doctors.

When my husband was first diagnosed and treated for congestive heart failure twenty-five years ago, he lost more than 15 pounds of fluid, too. It is important to keep that fluid under control.

Is she on a blood thinner for the A fib?

It sounds like Mom has benefitted greatly from medical technology. Without the advances in how we can treat heart problems, you likely would have lost her 30 years ago. I hope that most of that time has been a reasonably good quality of life for her.

All of us would like a crystal ball regarding our loved ones' futures. But many of us just have to keep on keepin' on one day at a time. Hang in there!
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