My huband had a left neglect stroke last July 2010. SInce that time he has been in and out of hospitals and is currently in an assisted living for Alzheimers. He has dementia but mainly suffers from high anxiety. He is currently taking Buspar at night for anxiety and to sleep, but he experiences anxiety during the day and Sundowner's syndrome. I do not know whether to have him evaluated by a neuro-psychiatrist, neurologist, or a professional that deals with anxiety in general. He has been on psychotic drugs for the anxiety which left him sleeping and in a stuper for days, neurologist had prescribed Nuvgil which made him more anxious. I cannot get any professionals to help me to help him with his anxiety. He has always been anxious but after the stroke his anxiety has been more extreme than ever.

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Does your dad have a geriatic doctor who specializes in elder care? We have an excellent doctor who makes housecalls to my mother's SKN. He took my mom off of coffee/all cafeine and the family limits her chocolates. She also has some anxiety and is in a wheelchair. She has a hard time holding still and rocks back and forth. The SKN recently took off her foot rests, and put an alarm system on her back so she cannot try to get out of her chair without alerting the staff. When mom gets anxious she "makes her rounds" with her chair with some of the other residents, "doing laps" in the facility using her feet and hands to the rails to manuever herself. It sounds simple, but perhaps that might help your Dad...please let us know if you have found a solution.
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