I have been every weekend for 9 yrs to my parents home to help and visit. How do I get this gigantic chip off my shoulder and this totally disrespected feeling out of my heart? do I say anything? Do I just sit back and watch my dad worry about things that we should have asked him years ago and didn't It is very hard for me. I have never been one to be real serious, but I was almost forced to in order to help my mom and dad all these years. Would love to hear any thoughts, ideas or suggestions? Thanks, Jen

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Jen, it's tough being the smart one in the family. If you're having a problem letting go of the negative thoughts and feelings, being evaluated by a psychiatrist for depression is a prudent thing to do. You might benefit from some antidepressant medication and/or some talk therapy with a professional.

What things is dad worrying about? What things need to be taken care of?
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When we first noticed mom's dementia, other siblings insisted she was fine.
When we moved to Assisted Living, it took them by surprise. It's called DENIAL. They don't want to admit, even to themselves, that mom & dad won't go on forever. If you can convince them to spend a whole day with your parents, they might see it clearly. In the mean time, your parents put on a show for them, acting perfectly OK for an hour or two.
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