Early Dementia help. Continuously coming in our area, with stupid little things.

Husband did talk to him about writing down stuff or even looking it up on computer. We've been thinking about writing a list or making up a board. With a list for him like:

1) How important is the question?

If not important write it down and ask later.

Try to keep unimportant questions together.

2) Try using Alexa drop in more, remember number 1 on list.

3) You need not ask to use Washer or Dryer.

What do you think?

Do you think this is being too harsh?

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One of the early signs of cognitive change my mother displayed was interrupting my working hours with questions that could have easily waited until later. Your LO is most likely incapable of delaying asking those questions or looking for answers on a computer. A tablet to write questions down on together with a scheduled time to review those questions may work for a while, but as your LO begins experiencing more problems doing simple everyday tasks, they will need feedback confirming even simple steps in basic procedures. I found the written word helps bridge many memory gaps. For example, I created copies of basic recipes with a check box next to each ingredient and step when short term memory problems began impacting Mom's cooking. Finding activities your LO can still sustain on their own (and keep them busy) will reduce the number of interruptions into your own activities; my mom still loves reading (daily paper and books) and watching the neighborhood. She will often remain engaged by those activities for an hour or two at a time.
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If I'm understanding your question the problem is a LO has started contacting you all day long to ask repetitive questions? I'm not sure if notes will help, it probably depends on the subjects and LO's level of need but if they are ok alone during the day I would guess notes might help. My mom tends to forget the steps and things she needs to do each morning (take blood sugar, take pills, weigh herself and have a glass of water) so we made up some index cards with the steps on them for her and it has help a lot. This way she can choose when she needs or wants a reminder rather than be told she is "not doing it right" or "has to take BS before eating in the morning" and we don't have to call her each morning to walk her through it or tell her what she didn't do (we have a camera we can check). Try to give him the tools in a positive way rather than an "I'm so tired of having to tell you the same thing" kind of way and I don't see why suggesting he write questions down during the day to ask later is a problem just again be gentle about it. I would be concerned that if you stop taking calls from them it might create anxiety that they can't get a hold of you when they need to and they will call more but it probably depends on the person and situation again. Maybe drop in with the Show on them several times throughout the day to get them in the habit of using that if it's really your preferred contact method. We find that "habits" help a lot if we can get mom into them long enough to be more like muscle memory rather think having to think about what she's doing, our problem is this is getting harder to accomplish but that's a different topic.

Maybe put a big note or instruction card on the washer and dryer with the steps for using them will help with the calls asking permission. It may be more about the LO being unsure about how to or if they have ever used these particular machines but it also may be that it would simply be best if they didn't try doing laundry until someone else was around too...
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I don't think that would do any good.

In looking back, I realized the first symptom of Dementia with Mom was the ability to reason, followed by the ability to process what was being said and short term memory loss. You can tell them one day and a day later, even a few hours later, they have forgotten. It is part of the desease. Eventually, his long term will be effected, I tried a white board in the beginning for Mom. When she thought of something she needed, she was to write it down.
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