Should I push this or back off?


I recently had a meeting with mom's case manager and we discussed some concerns I had. It has been over a week now and I have heard nothing from the actual caregiver agency, although our psw confided that the report was being discussed at the office.

1/ My 6 hour repite day is Monday so I lose out on most holidays. Recently we had a snow day followed by a holiday and I went without a break, which I know contributed to my recent meltdown. She proposed that the day be changed, and said that I should be offered alternate days when our service is disrupted.

2/ Our caregiver is a petit older lady and I wondered about her ability to physically care for mom as she now does not walk....I know that this aide has experience and common sense on her side and I trust her (at least she hasn't had mom on the floor like the last one did), but I know that she will no longer help mom with her once a week shower and gives her sponge baths instead. Should I let this go? I can still get her in the shower, but the whole point of having someone else in is so I don't have to. Do I accept this as the new norm? Should I just do it myself??

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That's a tough call. With all that I have experienced, I now think in terms of what is working. If it's working, I hesitate to change it. Is this caretaker fine, except for her ability to help mom get a shower?

In our area, staying with a senior in there home is considered a great job. I do know that when I was trying to find someone to come into my cousin's home to help her when she broker her foot, it was hard. Most people I called were booked up. I must have called over 60 people who do that kind of thing.
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She is here twice a week, once is classed as a respite day so technically she is only here as a sitter, and the other short day is mom's bath day. In reality she used to shower mom on one day and sponge bath her the other... I really don't know how she manages to pass her time on the 6 hour day and the agency has implied that it would be hard to find people willing to do it.
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cwillie, I know how tough it is when it comes to a really great caregiver who one's parent likes but you can see that caregiver is slowing down herself do to her own age decline.

It's like what do you do next. Do you let this fine lady continue as the Caregiver since she has common sense [some don't] and you can trust her [that's huge plus], or do you start from scratch with someone new?

Correct me if I am wrong, the Caregiver comes only one day during the week? If yes, then keep her since you mentioned you can get your Mom into the shower.
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