If I cook enough for 2-3 days, I have to end up throwing it out because she no longer wants it after the first day. (Neither one of us, cooks well anymore, lol) Yet when I cook enough for 1 day, she takes over half the food and I'm left with very little, and she wants seconds. At first I would say maybe it wasn't that much in the beginning (I used to be real good at denying my own reality, I take a lot of pictures now, lol lol) or if she cooks, my son's grandmother would fix a plate for her cousin who lives 20 minutes away and expect me to take the plate to her cousin, who doesn't visit. I know one day, I'm going to leave and not return. I'm going to have too. For now, I'm good, but I'm seeing these things and it's not adding up. But in a way it is. She's never come out and asked me for money, but when I hand it in her hands, she snatches it, and her legs get to moving, while she's sitting down & only once has she said thank you. My home was flooded in Texas this year 8-2017 & I am homeless, yet I can afford to get & pay for an efficiency or 1 bedroom. I think my time has expired. What do you think or suggest?

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I vote yes! Sounds like you've had enough to worry about without this added stress in your life.
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