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I am the primary caregiver to my 93 yo mother with dementia. My husband and I live in her house. I have a brother and a sister that live close by. I do everything for her all day long. Sometimes when she takes her nap, I go to my part of the house and either go on the computer of call a friend. My mother is constantly cursing at me and telling me that I do nothing for her. I know she doesn't know what she is saying, but she tells my sister that I leave her alone all day. ( You see, they convinced me to quit my job 9 months ago and that they will pay me from my inheritance weekly. Stupid me agreed to this. So now they treat me as if I were an employee of theirs.) So now they want to install a nanny cam to see how much time I spend with her. I told them who do you think cooks and feeds her, does her laundry, cleans up after her, etc.?? I am with her all day 24/7. My sister comes over on Saturdays and takes her out to her house for 2 hours. They told me that is my break. During that time I go food shopping so we have food to eat. Some break!!!!!!! Tomorrow I go for a biopsy of my uterus. I had to get my cousin to come and stay with my mother because the other two work and can't take off. I wonder if that will be considered my break for the week??????

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