If seeing flashes of colored lights move around the side of your vision, what might that mean?

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Are these more like small bright bubbles shaped in a backward C? Does it disappear after 20 minutes or so. If yes, it could be the start of cataracts. I get that every now and then.

If it is more like flashes of light, that could be more serious like a detached eye starting.

Whatever, time to make an appointment with an eye doctor.
It could also be ophthalmic migraines. They look like (sorry for this analogy) animal traps, semi circular and jagged, and multicolored.

My optometrist (who's very good and also is on the teaching staff at a local university) told me they're not unusual with (and forgive me but I can't remember whether it's) nearsightedness or farsightedness.
So many possibilities. You or whoever is having these should be checked by a ophthalmologist. Along with the detached retina and migraines mentioned by others, my aunt and dad have/had Charles-Bonnet syndrome. My aunt sees tiny rainbows flashing around her vision at various times but not constant. My dad used to see people and animals that were not there (before dementia). He has not had these in a number of years now.
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Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD), although not as serious as retinal detachment, can cause bright, mostly vertical flashes in your peripheral vision, especially with sudden movement of the head. Migraine aura, or aura without headache, can appear as a prismatic "c" that blurs vision. I have experienced both. You should definitely have your eyes eyes examined under dilation to rule out retinal tear or detachment. In the meantime, there are many headache and eye organizations online with information about all three problems.
You should consult a doctor as soon as possible.
This could be one of the signs or a detached retina
Go to the Emergency Room or contact a Ophthalmologist most likely they will get you in right away or tell you to go to the Emergency Room
Time is vital for the diagnosis (and treatment) of retinal detachment so
I urge you to have eyes checked as soon as possible yet the main symptom I experienced was more like having a curtain partially drawn over the affected eye, not what you describe. In any case do not delay seeing a doctor - best wishes!
Time to see an opthomologist--but don't panic. Just get in and have them look at your eyes.

For me, the start of a migraine is having these "auras". If I act quickly enough I can stave them off by getting hydrated and taking some ibuprofen--BUT if they became different in nature, I would for sure have a dr take a look. Many problems can be quickly and effectively dealt with before it becomes worse.
Yes,I used to get these "auras",too, before a migraine. My migraines eased up after menopause. They were C shaped,flickering, multi colored, and gradually moved from one side of my vision field to the other. Later in life, I saw vertical,white flashes at the sides of my vision field, and they turned out to be a sign of Vitreal Detachment. NOT as serious as retinal detachment, but requiring surgery. I had a fantastic opthamological surgeon who did a fantastic job. Find the best retinal specialist, or opth surgeon in your town, and see him SOON.

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