Dark spot in my vision. Anyone else experience this?

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In darkness I have a dark spot in center of vision. Shows up very little in light. Everything is very dark when trying to drive at night. Almost blind! Trouble started about a year ago. Had all kinds of eye tests. Found nothing wrong. What next?
If I close either eye it's still there. Anyone have this problem?

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I don't know if what I have is the same thing as you. Mine started out of the blue in the mid 90's...one evening, my right eye had this black spot dead center. It lasted about 30 minutes when went away. The next evening it happened again but did not go away. I could only see it when my eyes were open. The next day I went to the eye dr. They told me the main artery that feeds the retina burst. I am not diabetic nor did I have high blood pressure when this happened (still don't have diabetes but do have high blood pressure which I am taking meds for).They told me this almost always happens to people who are diabetic or have high blood pressure. It is a loss to my vision I will not regain. I no longer see the black spot unless I cover my left eye( my left eye overcompensated for loss). Your situation sounds different since you see it mostly in darkness. The only thing that comes to mind is the term "night blindness". I hope you find some answers.
MS can cause sudden and strange vision issues that can come and go. I can't tell from your description if your vision issues fall under that, but just thought I would mention this. MS would also likely cause strange muscle spasms/weakness as well, though, and an assortment of other symptoms. So if this vision issue is your only issue then likely you don't even need to consider bringing up MS screening with your doc. Good luck sorting it out, I hope you find answer very soon.
I was all set to answer until you described your symptoms more! I'm assuming you have had your pupils dilated by an ophthalmologist, not just the guy who fits you for glasses. How big is the spot, and is it more cloudy or really opaque?

I had a spot in the middle of my vision - very tiny - which grew into a cataract. I have pretty huge floaters, which bother me most at night and in really bright light, when my pupils are very large or very small. They are more dark and translucent, not really black. Detached retina will show up as a dark spot in your vision, but it would probably be there most of the time.

I would assume that if experts can't find it, it's probably a brain or nerve issue. Make sure your blood sugar and blood pressure are OK, and maybe it will never get any worse.

Sometimes we have to settle for not getting any worse.

Every now and again I'll see this silver donut shaped...thing...in my vision. Scared me at first, and yes, eyes closed or open, it would be there. It might be what they call a 'floater', which is just harmless debris floating around in your eye. If the docs can't find anything wrong, research floaters. It was a huge relief to find out that those silver things(in my case)were harmless...
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Here's my chance to make a public service announcement. I'm a veteran of retinal detachment. If you get it treated right away, you get the best recovery. But how do you know you have one?

Do you get flashes of light in your vision? Yellow-white sparks? If you only get them once in a while coughing, don't panic. But if they show up and don't go away, see a doctor within 48 hours.

Lots of people have floaters, as StandingAlone says. They are little dots or threads or circles floating in the vitreous fluid of your eye. If you get a sudden change, either a new large one or a shower of pepper-like bits, this is called a vitreous detachment, and is kind of an emergency. If I remember correctly, you should go at once to an eye doctor, or even the ER. It isn't always detached retina, but if it is, you want it to be treated ASAP.
Get a CT scan done on your head ASAP.
Yes, i have experienced the same problem. You must speak with your ophthalmologist (Eye M.D.) Dark spots in vision may be associated with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Macular Hole, Macular Pucker

A visual symptom that you see with either eye with the other eye closed is often caused by something going on the brain's vision center rather than anything physical in either eye. I'd say definitely get a second opinion from a good ophthalmologist.
While on the first day of a new job, I experienced a jagged split in my right eye. I have a prosthetic left eye from a injury as a child. I had it happen again a couple of years later. The only thing I attributed it to was stress. I told my eye dr. but he didn't seem concerned. Should he have been? I see pretty good, just need distance glasses.
A good eye exam takes more than an optometrist, it take an ophthalmologist who can get a good look at the retina, the back wall of the eye, to check for damage. If there has been untreated glaucoma for a long time, the retina starts to pucker, then rip. Get a complete eye exam from an MD.

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