My mother has developed a new eye movement. Any explanations?

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She has suddenly started looking upward every few seconds. It's hard to describe what's so odd about it. I guess it's because it's rhythmic --- every four or five seconds, it happens very fast, and it's repetitive. It looks as if she's trying to peek at me or something in front of her without being seen doing it, but I think it's unconscious. Have you seen this in an elderly parent? (She's almost 97.)

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I would strongly recommend getting this evaluated ASAP. It could indicate something neurological going on.
Check out (google)'s an involuntary movement of the eyes. I second the suggestion to get it checked out. It could have a brain basis.
Thanks to both of you. That's what I thought --- we've been dealing with gradually developing neurological issues for a couple of years now. I was hoping someone would say it was a well known symptom of some simple eye problem --- in-turned eyelashes, etc. --- but figured that a trip to her neurologist was likely to be on the cards.
One of the markers of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy is inability to gaze downward. Mention PSP to the neurologist. If he brushes you off or is unfamiliar, find a new neurologist. I'm not saying Mom has PSP (which is a Parkinson's Plus disorder-- rarer and more insidious than Parkinson's). But it is preferable to work with a neurologist who has experience with a broad selection of neuro and movement disorders.

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