I learned that my mom was transferred to a different room with no prior notice two days ago. As her daughter and POA, I was not notified prior to the move nor was my mother told why she was being moved. Adding insult to injury, I was actually at the facility earlier the day of the move due to a doctor's appointment with my mom. The room she was moved to is a downgrade with some items in a state of disrepair. It is also next to the soiled linens room. The room does not accommodate her needs with little to no room for her to maneuver in her wheelchair, light doesn't work, etc. The chair does not fit into the bathroom and there is no front safety bar for a tall woman with after effects on her legs from a stroke. Since her chair doesn't fit into the bathroom there are other hygienic issues she cannot address like brushing her teeth and seeing herself in a mirror. Not major but things she likes.

I am reaching out to see if anyone has had this experience and what is the strongest recourse that can be taken to address this on the first working day of the upcoming week. Lastly, dementia is part of my mom's diagnosis and she is mobile in her wheelchair. Her previous room met all of her needs. As an fyi, there are no payment issues with this facility, so the decision was not made due to anything along those lines. There is some new management and when I reached out I did receive and apology but when I saw the room and all of the issues I realized I have to address them directly and that an apology that occurred because I inquired about the move is not going to be enough.

thank you in advance!

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Usually the rooms are all the same size. Put all your concerns in writing to the Director of the facility and cc the Ombudsman.
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The were two unclear reasons, the first, it's a quieter area which is not true. The second was there was a need for a male resident but this was not clear. This did not seem to be an immediate decision and seemed to have required some planning.
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Wow. I would be on this right away. If someone moved my mom, who has dementia and didn't consult with POA, there would be a call to to the Ombudsman on my schedule. What possible reason did they have for moving her?
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