My father came down with cancer in 2008 lost him in 2009 ,both my sister and brother became power of attorney. Living with my parent's and being caregiver I've seen money missing from my mothers account realizing my brother was removing money from out of her account for his use I contacted my sister telling her so she filed a case and brought him to court. The attorney handled the case by getting the money put back into my mothers account. With my brother having the same name as my father and living behind us my mother being 82 showed anger to my sister and no longer speaks to her. With me still being care giver to my mother and still living underneath her roof I see her being back stabbed again.Just because I do not look like a bad party I do not speak with my sister although I have nothing against her. I know that she is no longer power of attorney so what do I need to do to see that my brother does this again?

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Why would you want your brother to do this again? He took money before, now your sister is?

Your mother can change her POA to anybody she chooses as long as she is able to understand what the document is.
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Why is your sister no longer POA when it was your brother who stole form your mom? Is your mother made at your sister for taking him to court for the wrong he did to her? If so, she's not thinking straight.,
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Did your mother remove your brother as her POA after him getting in trouble?

Has your sister said anything needing to be done to have him removed?

Did the court remove him as POA or did that even come up?

Why don't you talk with your sister about things?

Why did your 82 year old mother get mad at your sister and no longer speaks to her when it was her son who was taken to court for stealing from him?

I gather that your brother is stealing from your mother again?

Is your mother of sound mine?

Has she ever been diagnose with dementia?

If she is not of sound mind, then someone needs to file for guardianship if your brother is POA?
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Regarding your question, to become Power of Attorney for your mother, your Mother would need to be the one to request it [if she is of sound mind] and for you and her to go to an attorney to have a new Power of Attorney drawn up to show only you and your sister.
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