I am having problems with my 75 year old Alzy husband. Sometimes he is constipated, and then he gets the runs. Since he is so very slow and not quite aware, this is making for alot of cleaning for me. I don't like Metamucil, too thick. I do like Benefiber but not sure how much an older person needs. Or maybe there is something else that would help. I just want him to be sort of regular.....not sure the polite way to say it....I want him to have something firm rather than runny!!! Sorry. Not sure how to say it!

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Thank for the answers. It helps, and I appreciate it. Glad (?) knowing there are others with similar problems.
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My mother swore by applesauce. The pectin in it adjusts to retain just the right amount of water in the stool.

If you want more information than any sane person would want, go to the search bar and enter diarrhea or constipation. You will get a list of answers. Click on the section for Questions. There are 90 questions on constipation! That's a lot of caregiver experience available to you!

Good luck!
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I have an 88 year old dad who is able to take care of his bathroom needs, but has occasional constipation and a 23 year old son who has autism and is not able to take care of himself in regard to toileting and wears Depends. Miralax works for both. My dad takes the regular dose as needed. My son is given less than the regular dose (about 2 tablespoons) daily to maintain regular stools that are easy for us to handle. It was his primary care physician who suggested we do that given that Miralax simply hydrates the stool. It has made caring for my son and his toileting needs much easier for me and my husband.
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