Recommendations on garage door opener noise? -

Recommendations on garage door opener noise?


Hello everyone, I'm about to install an automatic garage door opener instead of opening the door manually as I use to. My grandmother lives right above the garage door and I'm looking for an opener that won't cause a lot of noise in case we'll use it on late hours, especially on winter season in Canada, which I have to park my car in the garage. I've contacted a local garage door company and as they mention "Rubber belt drive systems operate similarly to chain drive, although much more quietly" ( The thing is, that they charge extra ~$150 for a belt drive. Do I have some other options to reduce the noise of a chain drive opener? They suggested Chamberlain brand, is it reliable as they say? Thanks!! Samantha



I don't know a whole lot about the noise of garage door openers, but I wanted to say how incredibly KIND you are to be considering your LO's "space" and the quiet she probably wants.

My neighbor is currently adding on an upstairs MIL apt. He is a contractor, and doing a beautiful job, so I will stop by and ask him what kind of garage door system he will be adding. I would definitely have this professionally installed!!!
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What kind of flooring is on the floor of your GM's unit? I was thinking that sound deadening might also be an option, but it would depend on what's on the floor now.

Most people could probably install thicker padding under carpeting, but I wouldn't necessarily think that's appropriate for someone who might have challenges in walking.

I do recall reading something on a DIY forum years ago about how to enhance walls to use sound deadening. I don't recall the technique though.
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The quietest are the openers that mount on the wall at the upper corner of the garage door and use a gear/screw drive system instead of the noisy chain drive. They will be more expensive. And unless you’re pretty darn handy have a door company do the install.
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I'd bite the bullet and pay extra for a quieter model. If your garage door opener lasts 15 years, that is about .30 per day. Less than a cup of coffee! I know it is a chunk of money upfront, but not much over its lifetime. (Wish I'd paid extra to get the quietest dishwasher.)

My Chamberlain has served me well.
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