Our family member is 73 years old and has mild-moderate memory problems. They are somewhat independent, but might need some assistance in the near future (6-12 months), so I believe either an independent or assisted living facility would work. It can be in Charleston or Myrtle Beach or anywhere within 50-150 miles of either. The timeframe for needing to move is between 0-60 days. It's been so difficult to search since our budget is limited and pricing isn't always provided online so calling each place, leaving mesages and missing calls has been a challenge! We're concerned that using a service would limit our options to places they contract with and it seems that they don't always have accurate pricing information. Anyways, if anyone is aware of a facility that meets our price point, $2,500 a month max, in the South Carolina region, I would be very appreciative of any recommendations or referrals.

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Dear SouthBeach,

I found this website, I hope it will give you a place to start. I hope with proper vetting and visits, your family member will find a good place.
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