Can you recommend a handyman who could assist me with small tasks? I'm a senior who lives alone.

Monique, I've found the first best option is to get recommendations from another tradesman, as IsThisRealyReal suggested.   They often work with other trades and know who's good and who's not.    Some handymen even affiliate with others as kind of a loose construction group.

Just to warn you so you're not discouraged, I recently needed a handyman and had a rough time finding one.   In my area, tradesmen are in high demand.

One good contractor was busy for the rest of the summer; another couldn't come b/c it wasn't in his firm's service area.

Two made appointments but never showed up, nor did they call to advise they weren't interested.  

Of those who did come:  One from a handyman agency was an hour late, never called, and had only 1 year's experience.  Another one quoted a good price, but never returned my call when I was ready to schedule.  A third one came, quoted twice as much as the others, wanted 50% down w/I 3 days, and refused to even schedule the work.  Obviously he was a scammer.  

Another came, gave a good quote, and clearly understood what I wanted.  I hired him, but it was 2 months before he could complete his other work and help me. 

He and his buddy were good, hard workers, interacted well with me, made suggestions, and worked overtime to complete the project (they arrived later in the day and got a late start).
Just don't be discouraged if you run into similar problems.

And, it also helps if you have the chores listed, including ones that might need to be repeated periodically (such as cleaning gutters).  

Good luck!
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Do you have a tradesman that you really trust? If yes, they are always a good source for referrals.

You can also check with locally owned trade businesses, like a plumbing store or electrical supply store.

I believe that you can call your local counsel on aging and they can help you find services.
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You can find people on, or You can ask a neighbor who's opinion you trust if they know of someone they can recommend. I would be wary of hiring individuals from ads or most teenagers unless it is a low-skill project.
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So sorry but this forum consists of people from the US, Canada, UK and other countries. Your best bet is to call your County Office of Aging and ask them. Or, go thru ur yellow pages of the phone book.
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mjcharland Aug 17, 2019
I am a person from the U.S. (California), but thank you for answering me anyway. I will follow your advice and call the County Office for Aging.

Monique Charland

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