Is there a program that will come install a bathroom down stairs for mom?

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My mother lives in a 2 story house with the bathroom up stairs. Is there a program that will come an put a bathroom in down stairs for her?

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I would suggest that you ask that question of your area Agency On Aging. Where your mom lives and her age and condition will all have a bearing on that, I would think. The folks best equipped to answer your question would be that agency.
Try an organization called Friends of Man. They do offer some assistance, but I don't know what the qualifications and limitations are.
I don't know what state you are in, but be careful with that. In some locations if they know you have someone living downstairs, there can be a lot of issues with fire escapes, permits, etc. So do the research to see what your city or state allows for bathrooms and livable spaces downstairs before you commit to anything. You could have a much bigger headache than you realize.
I think she is just living on the first floor, not the basement. Right?
In my area the local Office of the Aging has a residential repair service. Volunteers will come and make minor home have to pay for the parts but the labor is free.

See if your Office of the Aging has a similar service.
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Yes, the program is, you pay to have a bathroom installed, or sell that place and move someplace which is more logical for her circumstances. If you are looking for someone to help because of limited expenses, contact an organization that has volunteers come do the work. I think Home Depot has employees who volunteer their time to do renovations. Churches are another place to look.
It really depends on location & accessibility to plumbing - is there good spot for a bathroom downstairs that doesn't require major renovation? (next to the kitchen or laundryroom, for example?) If so, it will be a LOT easier to get someone to volunteer their labor - if not, no way as there are engineering issues involved at that point. Moving her to a more accessible home might be the better option.
See if there is a Habitat for Humanity. Sometimes they will offer their services if there is some down time or they can do it for less money.
I know we qualified for help through the Area of Aging and Disabilities in our city. Check and see if there is one in your area. They set us up according to my mom's income level. And she was at the lowest and qualified for many things. They said they would even have someone come out and build a ramp for a low cost to us. Plus if your loved one can get respite workers to come out and do light housekeeping, sit with your mom. They can also do errands. There is so much out there in government agencies that many of us don't know about. Just ask around and do the homework. Good luck.. I hope you can get some help.
Putting in a bathroom is a major construction job. It requires the installation of plumbing and GFI electrical circuits, putting up walls, etc. You are talking many thousands of dollars to do this. (I know.....I had it done.) In addition, you have to meet the "code" of the municipality.

As others have pointed out, I would first contact the local Office of Aging in your area to see what kind of services might be available. However, many of the volunteer services will only do "light repairs" - not the installation of an entire bathroom.

This forum raises an important issue.......why is it that everyone waits to think about home renovations AFTER they have already become old and infirm and have no employment income? My husband and I are in our early 60s. Three years ago, I hired a contractor to enlarge the downstairs bathroom and put in a handicapped-accessible shower stall with built-in seat. It came in handy after my husband's open-heart surgery this past year. I also had the upstairs bathroom redone with grab bars in the shower and non-slip floor tiles. I am having the downstairs inside porch redone this spring to make a first-floor laundry room. We are paying out of pocket for this via HECL, because we are still gainfully employed. But we know the day will come when neither of us can physically hold down we are already planning head. (In fact, my husband will retire at the end of this year due to health I am on a rampage to get renovations done this year while he still has a salary.)

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