My grandmother has alzheimer's and due to her fall in October she has to have round the clock care. Instead of the POA (my brother) putting her in a nursing facility, he has chosen to move her from house to house. No stabililty. Also, he cannot explain why her checking account keeps being over drawn every month. and cannot explain where her $300 check a month to the Church of God goes. He is not doing what is in the best interest of my grandmother. Not sure what to do at this point.

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Find the local Office For The Aging. Express ALL your concerns mentioned above to them. Your brother CAN NOT just do whatever he damn well pleases with her well being OR her money. He'd better straighten up and fly right before he ends up needing a lawyer himself to avoid jail. Best of luck to grandma and you.
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The above answer is correct - you probably need an eldercare attorney; most POAs are written such that anyone not doing their duty as POA can be removed. You should have a copy of the POA on hand. It is considered a public document. Another alternative is to contact your local Adult Protective Services.
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Does your grandmother have enough of her brain left to KNOW that your brother is up to no good? Or is this wondering where the money is going, your own knowledge? If she still has enough brain power left, then she can appoint someone else as POA, but if not then you'll probably have to go to court and yank the POA away from your brother. And the reason he doesn't want to pay for her to go somewhere to live other then to farm her out around the family, is because her money has been spent and or he's spending it and she couldn't afford to live anywhere else. Where are your parents in this? You need help from another family member that ISN'T a thief.
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