I should add that she cannot speak expect an occasional few words in her native French, her vision is minimal, eats very little liquified food and sleeps much of the day away.
Since she cannot express herself, is it possible she's suffering pain and, at what stage in her disease is she?

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golf, it sounds like your wife is in the late stages of the disease. I wish I could give more information. Has the doctors explained why she is rigid? I wondered if it was because certain parts of her brain had been affected. I am so sorry that this happened to her and to you. Big hugs of comfort coming your way.
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Golfer, I can only give you my experience. My mom (92) died from Alzheimers this past January. The last couple of months she was unable to move, ate and drank very little until the last 2 weeks where she didn't eat at all and spit out any liquid we gave her. She was non-verbal, where before she spoke some german (her native language). I think, perhaps your wife may be near her end. Hold her, kiss her and keep her comfortable until the end. My mom died holding both my father's hand and mine and it was a peaceful end for her. My blessings to you, Lindaz.
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