Within the last week, my Dad has changed from a "normal" person to a person with memory deficits and irrational behavior. Advice?


My dad has had a bone-on-bone knee problem that has prohibited him from doing everything he wanted to do. So, all he would do is sit around the house. Nobody could take him out as he couldn't transfer from a wheel chair to a car. Is it possible that within 1 week, his mind could deteriorate so much as we are planning to put him in a nursing home as soon as a bed is available. My mom (90 y.o.) and I (63 y.o. daughter) cannot care for him any longer. He has been in this particular nursing home for short stays here and there and loved it--people always around, 24/7 care, things to do.

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I agree, something worthy of an ER visit is going on. Pain, even excruciating pain, seems to be processed very differently by dementia patients. I would not delay in getting him, via ambulance to an ET
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Susan's right. I too think something's changed, quickly, and drastically. The first thing I thought of is something that's exacerbated his knee situation, causing debilitating pain to the point that he's literally out of his mind. But whatever it is, it's sudden. In fact, since it's the weekend, I'd also agree that the ER is a good place to go tonight.
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You need to get your dad to a doctor ASAP. First thing they need to check for is a UTI. (Urinary Tract Infection) For younger people, a UTI just causes discomfort and we get an antibiotic, no problem. For older people, it's far different - it can actually mimic dementia symptoms, change their behavior, cause memory issues, aggressive behavior, etc. So the first thing is to rule that out. But get him to a doctor ASAP - don't wait. Even if you have to take him to the ER.
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