I have been living with my mom for 13 years. We share a home but my name is not on the deed. It's left to me in her Will.

If my mother is placed in a Memory Care Facility I was told by several people that the facility will take her home, auto and anything of value to pay what Medicare and Tricair does not pay until Medicaid is approved?

Can they take our home even if I have lived here with her and taking care of her these past years ?

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Medicare and Tricare are health insurances. The only time they cover for care is usually after a hospital stay and then sent to rehab. And then Medicare only pays the first 20 days 100%, the 21 to 100 days 50%.
Medicaid pays for LTC. Mom will be allowed to keep her house and a car but...none of her money can be used to keep them up. Her SS and any pension will go to offset her care. You will need to prove that you can keep the house up. Also, that you were a caregiver.

At the time of Moms passing a lean will be put on the house. Which will be satisfied at time of sale, if you go that way. Lots more to this. You need to talk to Medicaid. If it gets overwhelming, you may need a lawyer and Moms money can be used for that.
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Many states will waive the MERP to a child that has provided medically necessary care, as documented by her doctor, for a period of two years.

You need to consult with an elder law attorney for help with laws in your state.
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