So through agency, is 25 to 30 per hour. Varies geographically in cost. They do payroll, pay social security, provide backup, do fingerprint and background checks. Cover workers comp.

What costs monthly have you incurred trying to do same as well as provide cameras? Does your parent's homeowner insurance have the workers comp language in policy if you hire privately? Did you add on?

My parent is in memory care. But I am curious about this.

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What if the patient has no car?

When you price all of this out it is just arounding to me.
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That's cheap. When I looked into it where I live it was $35 an hour.

Don't forget that if you don't go through an agency, you might have to pay social security, worker's comp and it would be smart to have liability insurance in case something happens to them while providing care. You need to check the laws, both state and federal, which will determine whether the person is an household employee or an occasional worker. Generally the determination is made based on how many hours they work, how much they make and how much direction they give. You do not have to pay social security or worker's comp for an occasional worker. Also, your homeowner's policy may cover any liability if they get hurt. If they are an household employee you will have to pay social security, worker's comp and get expanded insurance coverage. All those things add up. So while a private person's hourly rate maybe lower, after you add everything up it may not be that much cheaper than an agency.
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For homeowners you need to see if policy includes if the caregiver is injured if your HO covers it. Most do not and you will have to add on that coverage. Hiring through an agency should provide coverage for their employees and have workman’s compensation as well.

What was totally surprising was rules on use of autos. We hired caregivers for a brief abt 6 week period of time after my mom had rotor cuff surgery. 4 hr minimum, 4 days a week, 4 weeks minimum booking. Around $20 hr. Part of their time was taking mom to PT; those days were 6 hr days. They had to use her car for transportation; this was required by the agency. The caregiver could not use their car for transportation to/from PT or even to grocery store. It was allowed with her State Farm policy as it was interim, limited period of time. But if the caregiver was going to be more permanent beyond a few weeks, they would need to be added on as a driver by name.
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