My 88 year old mom has Parkinson’s and Dementia. Suspect she may have Alzheimer’s but not diagnosed. We have been on hospice since January 2019. Hospice does not seem to be helpful about her swallowing and her tongue rolling back. Anyone had a love one who does not communicate? She may be sleepy and in bed for days and sometimes wakes enough to be up about 2 hours. She is diabetic also.

She had been eating and taking her meds with apple sauce. This seems to be a turning point. This weekend she started not opening her mouth and if she does she holds the food, medicine or water. Seems Very hard to swallow. She requested years back not to get a feeding tube. I will see her nurse tomorrow. Thanks for your sweet concerns and prayers.
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Hey GrannyMon12, I'm sorry your LO is going through this. I do have a similar situation with my LO, who has VD, mixed with AD. She has been on Hospice about a year now and no longer speaks. Mostly bedbound. She is also diabetic and has recent trouble swallowing. I suppose each case is different, but, I am preparing myself, since the options are limited.

Is she on a soft food diet?
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Hospice will give palliative comfort care only. Are you a part of her program. Are you on board with the hospice and end of life comfort care? You Mom may be looking at a time when she cannot take nutrition any other way but artificially. If that is the choice that is made for her then she cannot be on hospice. I think you are looking at the beginning of the end. I hope that you are ready for that, and want only her comfort now, and advocate for that comfort, for her sleeping (which just now is a great blessing). I am so sorry you are facing this great loss. Please talk with your hospice team and have them let you know what you might expect.
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