Nursing home taking its time on sending paperwork. Any advice?


We are in the process of moving my dad from a nursing home to a memory care. For one thing its a much nicer environment, is within walking distance of my mom's home, but also $4000 dollars less a month. The MC requested the proper paperwork it needs to admit him but the NH is either giving them the wrong place to send the request to, saying the Dr. is out, or otherwise stalling. Either way its added cost to the tune of about $150 a night. I wonder if they do it on purpose actually, so they can keep a billable patient. Either way, I would think the NH should be responsible for the extra costs we are paying while it is stalling. Good luck, I know. Probably no recourse for us.

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I’m sure they are. They lie about my Grandmother. So the new NH won’t take her.
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Contact your state ombudsmen. They may move faster once they hear about an inquiry is getting ramped up. I agree that the NH may be dragging their feet
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