Retinitis pigmentosa is an ugly disease, a life long blinding of the person. In the last year he has gone from the sighted world of 5 percent vision to the unsighted world of less than 3 percent. This is an ugly disease accompanied by eye pain and depression along with anger.
He submitted to going to the lighthouse two months ago and is now using a cane. He is losing friends as they cannot seem to understand he can no longer do the mechanics of sailing, of working with wood, of his art.
Almost every act he attempts is followed by a deep frustration of not being able to find anything.
This is a total life changing proposition for him.
For me I have had to take on more responsibilities that can be a bit challenging.
But dealing with his anger and frustration is where I am having trouble as I refuse to be a part of his anger.
It is the way it is, life is going black and I cannot fix it neither can anyone else.
He has to learn to do life in a blind man's world.

Question is, how do I find other people who are highly active and blind to help him along the journey?
Where are they?

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How about searching for the Institute of the Blind? We've donated cars to them in the past (sounds weird doesn't it?) Anyway, get on this computer and start a search for it. Or how about the disease itself? I bet there's a website that talks about that in particular that can help you. I know there are people out there going through the exact same thing that you and your husband are going through. You are certainly NOT alone in this. Start searching.
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