My husband has always been very handy but lately he is forgetting a lot of small details. He unhooked the washing machine and left the water on. Then after me telling him he needed to hook the new washer up so it would quit leaking he forgot to hook up the drain hose. So the washer "exploded" water everywhere which caused the ceiling to leak. He constantly loses his keys, tools, etc. He has trouble remembering words (names of items) and gets very angry when he forgets. He is a Veteran (was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.). Is this just normal aging or something I should be concerned about?

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How old is your husband and how is his health? I'd watch to see how it goes, but I will share something with you regarding memory, focus, etc. that happened with me.
I went on C-pap treatment and use it nightly.( My sleep apnea was mild.)
I started taking Coconut Oil capsules.
I got out from under some of the stress.
I went on a strong course of antibiotics that was actually for an infected finger.(I wonder if I actually had Lyme's Disease and this course of meds cured it. Lyme's causes mental fog and memory problems.)
I took better control of my blood sugar. (I'm a Type I diabetic.)

For some reason, I got better and my memory and focus returned. I'm now my old self! (My psoriasis also greatly reduced.) I have no idea if any of these things were the remedy, but I thought, I would share.

Of course, I have no idea what his problem may be, but, it's not always what you suspect.
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Much depends on his age and medical history and what medications he is on. At 65, my husband is getting forgetful and grumpy. What I do is hire somebody, for example, to wash the windows and clean the gutters and tell him I don't want him on ladders. I have them come while he is at work, so he doesn't see them and get grumpy. I try to quietly work around his ego.
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When I was reading your post, I could have written that about my ex-hubby back when he was 30 years old... I remember him pulling off the water faucet on the shower and he had forgotten to turn the main water off in the house... oops. Every morning he would be rushing around looking for his keys, sunglasses, paperwork as he was running late for work. He just wasn't organized, never was.

Now I realize with your hubby he had always been very handy but now not following through like he use to do. Sounds more like normal aging. I know I will start a chore and then get side tracked doing something else. Many times I would leave wet clothes in the washer forgetting to go down to the basement to put them in the dryer. Now I write notes to myself and that helps. Or I would say out loud to myself "don't forget the dryer".

I think we all get annoyed whenever we can't remember a name or a thing. Think of it this way, we had to cram a lot into our brains over all these decades, so now it takes longer to find the right file cabinet in our brain that has that information.

My Dad was a great handyman around the house, and even at 94 he kept wanting to fix things himself, but his ability to stand without falling and his failing eyesight were slowing him down. He finally realized he had to start calling tradesmen to do this work now.
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