Mom is living in unsafe conditions and now forced move. Arden Courts Va was recommended. Anyone have any experience with this group? What questions or pitfalls should I consider or ask when I visit?

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Thank you so much. I live long distance so not able to get there yet but was recommended by APS over some other facilities and based that it was dedicated memory care which they advised important. I will definitely ask about staffing and turnover.
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I used Arden Courts in another state. I thought the layout of the facility was perfect for memory care. I agree with Country Mouse -- the team is the most important aspect. The one I had near me had staff with long service. GREAT - the executive director was an 'incharge person' and good to work with. I butted heads constantly with the nurse.  But in rality, my Mom's interaction with the nurse was infrequent. BUT the day to day care handlers, the aides were great. I only disliked one and was able to put up with that. The food was mediocre. SO-o I brought over treats (perhaps not as often as I should have!) to supplement their food.
What to look for? Stability of staff. And that includes the activity person. You might also ask about the frequency and quantity of volunteers that may work with the residents. That was important to me as my Mom was social.
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This is only personal opinion, but to my mind attitude is everything. Never mind the plants in the atrium or the carriage drive outside. Watch how the staff interact with the residents one-to-one, in various situations.

And bear in mind that it's the leadership that creates the culture. If you can find out how the group deals with succession planning, so that even if a good director/manager leaves there isn't a sudden change, that might be revealing.

It's the people that matter, not so much the place. Barring things like mouse droppings or broken windows, obviously.
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