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I moved back home in 2000 to help my mom. The house is in a trust. This is all she has. How or what can I do to keep the house if she goes to a nursing home and how do we pay for it? She has SS and Medicare.

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Danny, if your Mom had equity in the house, she really needs to use it to help pay for a nursing home. Social security isn't enough for the monthly cost, and Medicare does not pay for nursing homes, only for hospitalizations and doctor costs.

Now, your Mom may qualify for Medicaid, and Medicaid will pay for all the costs for your Mom. But once your Mom passes, Medicaid will want to be reimbursed if there is a house. The house will already have a lien.

You might want to talk with an Elder Law Attorney to see what would be the best route to take regarding payment for the nursing home. To sell the house now and use the funds or have Medicaid step in to help, and later be reimbursed from the sale of the house. These Attorneys can help you with the Medicaid application.
If you've been living in the home and caring for your mother all these years and that has kept her from needing a nursing home until now, it is possible you may be able to keep the house when she passes, even if she has Medicaid. I don't know how the trust fits in, though. Do see a lawyer!

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