I was recently discharged from nursing facility and have TBI waiver program. I was able to choose my home care provider and chose this one because I have good memories when I was young when my mother worked for agency. Anyway I’ve been having problems with a lot of aides that come in I’ve told my coordinator as well as my mother calling agency complaining about them. I have 12 hr days with them because I was recently discharged but agency sees these hours are too long because I do most for myself. All I need help with is cooking, going out for appointments and making phone calls because I do speak but difficult on phone. Most aides that come in either don’t know english that’s the only language I know and/or can’t cook and a few will use bathroom rinse hands few seconds running water obviously not using soap and refuse to let them handle my food so I’ll put something in oven that’s simple or make sandwiches. Helping themselves to my stuff to cook themselves food or stay on phone all day talking loud. Agency is aware of these problems. I need some advice who could do something, do I have a opinion to just forget this agency and try another. What should I do?

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Send a certified letter stating all of the problems, list when you have verbally complained and to whom and then tell them that they have 2 shifts to rectify the situation or you will consider this letter termination of your contract because they have breached it.

Not addressing a client's complaints, having aids that are not working and are stealing food, as well as dangerous bathroom behaviors would be considered breach of contract by the agency and they would be in a lot of trouble trying to sue you for firing them.

Put it in writing and certified mail, return receipt requested to verify who signed for it is considered legal notification.

Let us know how it goes.
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Sugarb914 Mar 2019
Very helpful thanks.
Report them

tell them in plain English...”do not return”. Look that phrase up on google in whatever language they do speak...copy it down and give the note to them.

TELL THE one comes here that cannot speak English. When a new person comes...have a list of their responsibilities written out for them. Go over it with them. Make sure the expectations are the same as yours.

outline what you want them to do for meals. Be plain spoken and blunt.

if the agencies give you any grief about having your needs met, just tell them that if they cannot fulfill their end of the contract then you are forced ro take your business elsewhere....this is a business and you are the customer,
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I think you are asking if you have an option to change agencies. You need to look at the contract you signed - you may have to give a certain period of notice, or the contract may be for a fixed time. However if you tell the agency that you are sufficiently unhappy to be wanting to change agencies (and it will probably come up if you have to get a copy of the contract from them), they may take your concerns seriously enough to do something about it.
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I would change agencies and request aides who can speak English well. Tell them the problems with the other agencies. When ur hired to do a job, you do it. When the person your caring for asks you to do something you do it. Nice is best though.

Just had a thought. I was a collector for a private company. My job was to deal with our customers trying to be paid on time. I worked with a lot of people from different countries and I swear when they knew it was me calling, they talked with thick accents and acted like they didn't understand me. But let them pick up the phone not knowing who was calling...they were very well spoken. This could be the same with your aides, which is rude on their part. I live where there are a number of Spanish speaking people. They can be speaking Spanish to each other but switch over to English at the drop of a hat with hardly any accent.
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