Is it necessary to have a home alert system if your parents have full-time care?

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My parents are living at home and the family wants them to have as much support as possible. Up until the last year or so, my parents have had part-time care during the week and I'd check in on them on a regular basis otherwise. So they've had a Lifeline for 2 or 3 years and it's been well worth it when they were by themselves.

My sister and I are reviewing expenses to cut what is no longer necessary now. However, we don't want to eliminate anything that is truly enhancing their safety. That's why I thought I'd ask my fellow caregivers what they would do or how they've actually handled the same or a similar situation.

We have caregivers during the day and I stay with my parents every evening and overnight. They are never left alone. Thanks for any feedback on this !

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Interesting question.

I'm inclined to think that if resources are tight, under the circumstances this may be something you can do without. My mother lives alone; she has a med-alert bracelet and also a call cord in her senior apartment. She has fallen twice and did not remember to press her button either time. :(

My husband wears his faithfully, but I have serious doubts that he would have presence of mind to use it in an emergency. He has used it once, though, to get my attention. He was in bed not feeling well and I was working in my office. I heard the med-alert service asking if he was OK. I quickly answered, said I didn't know, hold on, and went and checked on him. He wanted a glass of water. I thought it was a clever way to call to me. Now I give him a cell phone to call me on when he is not feeling well and needs me between my checks on him. Then we don't need to get a service involved.

Since my mother lives alone, and I do leave my husband alone while I do brief errands, I'm staying with the alert system, even though I don't have great confidence they will be used when needed.

Since your parents have each other and also a caregiver present all the time, I think this might be an expense I'd discontinue in your case.

It is very good of you and your sister to evaluate how to get the most out of the money available.
I would say if you can afford it -keep it there will be times when the aides might not come and they will be alone for a period of time -this is chaper than getting camers installed unless there is a neighbor who would be available to check on them.
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If there is someone present 24/7 then I would discontinue it. I am with mom 24/7 and the only things I had was baby monitors, baby gates additional door locks ect... Basically, I safety proofed the whole house. and it didn't cost alot.(many things came from yard sales/flea markets) If there is constant care then focus on things in the house that could be safety issues.
If I could afford one I think I would get one. I am carring for my adult daughter. Some of our transfers have gotten away with us. We have fallen, since my motherly instinct takes over I put myself in harms way and forcibly fall with myself as the cusion... Well I am then stuck under her and cannot physically get up. I could have used a link then... My cell phone was in the other room so calling my other daughter or husband was not an option. We laid there together for about 30 min. until my other daughter just happen to show up!!
Thank you for everyone's input. We decided to go ahead and keep it in the case of some unanticipated occurrence. Ours is$25 or $27 per month and we decided for that amount of money we will err on the side of caution.
Good idea Carol72156. I too am a 24/7 caregiver for mom but there are times when I have to run to the store for an hour. And then I think of if something should happen to me and I couldn't get to her when she rang the bell that she has for me. In the event of that happening, she could press the button and summon help -- maybe for both of us :)
Yes, I feel like I have family here a AgingCare. You guys know where I'm coming from ... I have the bell they ring when I'm upstairs and they need something. I, also, have the baby monitor for the times we're sleeping since I'm upstairs and they're downstairs. The only problem is when Dad wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to watch tv. Have you ever woken up to the sounds of a gunfight? Unnerving to say the least :)
Carol71256! No I haven't been awakened by gunshots but one time when I had the baby monitor on at night and my mom started shouting out in her sleep. She has PD and the meds make her have very vivid dreams. It sounded like a banshee wailing. I almost had a heart attack myself and then we would have needed Life Alert! Most of the time I don't use the moniter at night. I just leave my bedroom door and mom's open so I can hear the bell. Maybe that might work for you but everyone's experience and realities are different. Take care!

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