This question should probably be answered by a Canadian. We live in Canada. My 90 year old father, with dementia, has lost his Provincial Insurance Card (OHIP). To get a replacement, I have to show up with one other government issued piece of ID; one bill with his address on it and one other form of ID which can include a credit card. He does not have a driver's licence, his passport is 30 years old and therefore expired and I don't even know where to start to look for his Citizenship papers (emigrated from Scotland in the 1950's). He therefore has no other form of government issued ID. At his age, do I really need to try to get him another Provincial Insurance Card? The lab where we usually take him for blood work has his OHIP number, his doctor's office has his number and the local hospital has his number. What do you think?

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cwillie, thanks for all the suggestions. I will get on this ASAP!!
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I wouldn't want to be without my health card, if he needs service at the ER there will be a problem, and I'm surprised your G.P. doesn't scan it on every visit. He will need it if he ever needs long term care as well. Start calling around and find out what can be done to simplify the process, a social worker at the local hospital might be helpful, perhaps CCAC or you could always try your local MP. Good luck!
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