She always needs to hang on to me so she won't fall but it's getting more difficult for me.

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Can you get a cane and use it yourself? Or even a walker. You can get them pretty inexpensively at resale shops, I think I would pay around $3.00 for one that my Husband could use in the shower (..'nother story there..)
When she sees you using one she might use hers. And you can tell her that she can not hang on you because you are using a cane and it is not enough to support both of you.
When my Husband got a bit unsteady and I wanted him to use a walker and he refused I got him to use one by asking him if he could carry a few items in the basket for me. I would give him my "keys" and a magazine that I carried. (The keys were just a few odd keys that I put on a ring) He was willing to use the walker just to help me.
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