Good morning all. Yes and it’s a good morning, I think I’m up to the challenge, in a weird Arrogant way, let’s call it confidence, I’m in the process of finding LTC for my mom, yes I know how to do this, I’ve done it many times before in the past year or two, first it was AL but not anymore.

I’ve worked for a long term care pharmacy for 14yrs now, my coworkers are fairly educated, techs, pharmacists, we serve nurses, doctors, med techs, and never forget the real people we are helping/hindering the residents of these facilities. So I know a good facility when I visit one.

Throughout this process of finding a good fit for my mom, I am aware that she’s been blacklisted in her area, she is a Sociopath, with MS, thank someone that she is not mobile now, it’s the MS, MS is not curable, if it is “they” will never tell you, no money to be made from the healthy. My mom has the best/ worse mouth, don’t tell me words don’t hurt, I don’t care if they are “professionals “ at this, she will eat you alive, hence the blacklist she’s on.

I don’t think I need to ask the question, because they’re plenty of 3% ers on this forum. I respect any input and or advice.

I am the daughter of a sociopath,

I feel like I’m a Viking Warrior, well I am part Dane haha can’t help it.


Hi TrustNone. Is there any significance to your name choice? May I ask you a few questions? Where is your Mom now? Are you the POA for your Mom. Are you her only child, and the lone support of your Mom? Was you Mom a sociopath before the MS, as well as now, after it.
I am glad you work "close to the field" because it will give you access and knowledge of what is available. I think, given how you feel about her, her level of need, and your job, that your Mom should not be with you. Yet the blacklist may be real, as few facilities will want to take her when there are others they can accept who would be grateful for the care.
There comes a time when there is nothing to do but place someone in the nearest ER and walk out the door. When the phone rings let them know that there is really no family to care for her. You are not obligated to care for a sociopath, even if she does happen to be your Mom.
Wishing you luck.
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