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My Dh finally accepted his hearing loss and went and got the PRICIEST and most techie h/as he could get.

Refuses to wear them. Says it makes him look old. Well, the kids pointed out to him that he looks 10 years older as he doesn't pick up on social clues, etc and talks super, super loud and talks over people--and says "WHAT?" all the time.

I'm thoroughly DONE arguing with him over his not wearing these. He misses so much---and when he did wear them, somewhat more regularly, I noticed he seemed less 'angry'. That was a coverup for not hearing 70% of what's being said.

Partly he won't wear them b/c he does not want to hear ME.

I've picked my battles and this is one I fought for years and now admit total defeat. Sad, but sometimes that's what you have to do, to maintain your own sanity.
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Why does she refuse?
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Its hard for older people to except hearing aides. Especially the digital. My DH wore analog since he was a child. It was very hard for him to switch to Digital because people do not sound normal. The brain has to except the new sound and that takes a couple of weeks or so to adjust to. The older ones don't have the patience. And they need "tweeking" at least once. Older ones think that the aide just isn't working right and refuse to go back.

I would first get Mom checked by an ear doctor. Like suggested, it maybe built up ear wax. Cochlear implants are only for people where the Cochlear is effected because the hairs inside aren't present or have been damaged. A friend had one done and doesn't like it. She doesn't feel as its helped her hearing at all. Like my husband, she had been hard of hearing most of her life.
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You can get a hearing amplifier from Amazon --I got this simple one for my mom:
''Reizen Mighty Loud Ear 120dB Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier''
The price has increased.
She uses it with the included earbuds but I also bought her a cheap Sony headset for $9 (make sure the jack for the headset matches the input on the aid if you do). She can't lose this, and it's big enough and easy enough for her to use. She can plug her headset into her Ipad and listen to music too.
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Wax build up is very common. That should be ruled out as a major cause first.
That can be checked for pretty easily. And the removal is pretty easy as well.
If she refuses to wear hearing aids there are options.
If she is a candidate a cochlear implant could be done. (she would have to have tried using hearing aids though)
Stock up on note pads and begin writing things down for her.
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Have her doctor check for wax build up when she goes for her check up, then stop yelling and repeating, in other words stop propping her up. You might want to share an article like this:
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