My Mom will be 90 in Sept and is really in good health for her age, but she can hear very little without everything being extremely loud. She is depressed a lot and know her quality of life would be better if she could hear better.

In the US you can contact your local (or non local, for that matter) Lions club. They help with hearing aids and eye glasses. Not certain if it’s fee based or not. If your Mother is a veteran the VA may be able to provide the hearing aids for free . Best of luck
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We have the National Health in Britain.

The doctor recommended them for my husband and now he has some. It took MONTHS.

So to help things, while waiting for them, I bought him a GMARC tv listener.

It can be used for talking, if you adjust the right buttons. Have a look on google or Amazon. I think you will be able to find some that will suit her. I tuned in my hubbys on me and then turned it all up a few notches.

It made LOADS of difference.
Good luck, I wish her well - she has my sympathies. :)
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