She will not wear or use any listening device so we can't enjoy a program with her. We repeat and yell so much we now tend to avoid any conversation with her at all.

My FIL thought he didn't need headphones. We bought them anyway. We would always say we bought stuff we wanted him to try for us and then would ask if he wanted to try. We introduced them during a show that he liked saying we bought them for ourself or a family member (we said the grand kids alot). I think he turned up the TV to "tune out" other stuff. I think they find it harder to follow the program so they turn it up thinking that will help them understand. They don't want to admit they are struggling.. So hard to watch our loved ones suffer and so easy to become frustrated because they become like little children and we don't know what's wrong. They don't want to admit they need help. I would try the headphones anyway.. get simple. They high tech will be too difficult for her to understand. They will be less expensive too. Good luck. Prayers.
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Nice padded over the ear type headphones. Can be bluetooth wireless now. Very comfortable.

They brings the sound straight to your ears. I find much better for movies with low talkers, or if the household is extra noisy, or everyone is in bed etc.

New rules Mom! The TV volume is going to be kept at a social level. We will not deafen the other household members. Wear these fantastic new headphones like me (get 2). Wear them or not, you choose. But the volume stays put.

I agree, it may or may not be hearing. May be language processing. High volume or headphones won't cure that sadly.
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Have you asked her why she wants the volume so loud? Is there a remote for the TV? If there is, take one battery out while you are visiting (without her knowing what you did). Then, when she tries to turn the volume up, she’ll think she succeeded, but actually the volume stays the same as you set it. ♥️🙏🏻
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I know how frustrating it can be to always be shouting and repeating yourself, since she is reluctant to use any devices herself to save your voice I'm going to suggest something YOU can try
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Humans actually decipher speech and words with their brain. The sound comes into their ears, but if the brain is damaged, it may scramble the words.

Therefore, she is likely having difficulty understanding the words which may sound like alphabet soup to her rather than the words she once knew. She only thinks it's her hearing so she jacks up the volume.

Due to the brain damage, and since the doc says her hearing is normal, a hearing aid will accomplish nothing.

Alas, letting her watch TV in her own room, with the door closed, may be the only solution. It will prevent stress and anxiety for all.
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Swoltmon, that's a tough situation. We still want our love ones to continue to watch their TV shows even if it means the windows are rattling from the high volume.

Since your Mom can't or refuses to wear hearing aids, then maybe it is time for the rest of the family to put in ear plugs.

You could also try "closed caption" but I found the scroll moves too quickly to keep up with the conversation.

When my Mom couldn't hear, even with trying every hearing aid on the market, it is time to decide it is what it is. Mom could no longer read anything I wrote because of her failing eyesight [she was also in her 90's]. Yep, had to yell and 9 times out of 10 she misunderstood what I was saying :(

Just think, your Mom can't hear the cicadas, if you have them in your area. It is deafening here on the East coast.
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The fact the doc says that her hearing is "normal" for her age, probably means that she's about deaf, as people as they age tend to lose their hearing anyway, and the fact that your mom is 96, wonder the TV is turned up so loud. And also the fact that you have to repeat yourselves so much and even yell, should tell you that her hearing is about gone, and it's probably time for hearing aides.
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I have the 2nd remote to my DH's TV, and it works from far away. If he has the TV cranked up to 11, I slowly lower the sound and he doesn't seem to notice.
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Hummingbird246 Jun 7, 2021
ha ha 😀I do this to my husband and mother in law, slowly turning it down when they are not looking, 😍
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