I am unsure what to do at this point since my mother has also become more paranoid and will go from depressed to angry and confrontational to fine like nothing happened. I am 27 and she is 52. My sister and I don't know if we should talk to her doctor or if she'll let us. She did get on some antipsychotic med but I don't think thats the main problem here. Any advice?

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If this behavior has been going on since she has been taking the med, call her doctor and tell him. When is her next appt with this doctor? I would contact the office before the appt to make the doctor aware there are problems. Maybe asking for a sooner appt. You can tell him ur concerns he is just not allowed to discuss Moms without her permission.

There could be other things that are causing these problems. Mom is kind of young for Dementia.
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If your mother has been prescribed anti-psychotic medication, then she apparently has mental illness issues she's being treated for. She'd need to have a cognition test to see if she's developing dementia or Alzheimer's Disease, and that would be administered by her doctor. As Tothill said, your mother's behavior could also be due to other issues, such as a UTI or low vitamin levels. Due to HIPPAA laws, your mother would to give you her permission to speak to her doctor about her medical condition, as he would not be allowed to do so without it.

Best of luck! I hope you can figure out what's happening with your mom and that you get some answers with no bad news forthcoming.
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I had similar symptoms when I was B12 deficient. I was terrified that I may have early onset Alzheimer’s, but it was B12 anemia.
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