Husband diagnosed in 2013 with ALZ. & short term memory loss now has some long term loss. I have been verbally abused, have seen a dip in behaviors, but he is very independent otherwise. Sometimes I wonder, can't help it, Dr.'s don't give too much info on things and I am beginning to think husband has memorized all the MMSE tests.
I've heard of the "show timers," but I guess it is true when they say that this affects each person differently, so hard to try and figure out....

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no1cares, I know what you mean when you have a doctor who doesn't give you much information. Nor points you in the direction of finding information that you need.

While you are on-line here at AgingCare, go to the top blue/green bar and click on CARE TOPICS. Then find Alzheimer's, there are many excellent articles that will be helpful during this journey with your hubby and his memory issues.

As for the verbal abused, next time you are at the doctor, have hubby tested for an Urinary Tract Infection. Such an infection can cause strange symptoms such as outbursts, seeing things that aren't there, down right meanness, etc. The infection can be treated with antibiotics.
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