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Also if she owns a car registered in NJ, that too will be considered a non exempt asset of hers - like the house - for GA Medicaid. Both will need to be sold with all proceeds from the sales going to her Medicaid spend down.

You really need to find out just what needs to happen to have her considered to be a resident of the state of Georgia. At a minimum, Her monthly income sources will need to go into a bank account that’s in GA as she will need to have bank statements submitted to Medicaid showing GA address.
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You will have to make arrangements to transport your mother from New Jersey to Georgia (Medicare and Medicaid will not cover expenses associated with the move including movers, packing, or health professionals during transport). Medicare does not cover assisted living or long term nursing home care in either state. Medicaid coverage stops at the state line. She will have to qualify for and be accepted into Medicaid in Georgia. You will have to find a nursing home with a spot for her in Georgia. That means you'll have to find a nursing home that will accept your mother Medicaid pending while you submit paperwork documentation to get mother qualified in Georgia for Medicaid. If she owns a home in New Jersey, it won't be an exempt asset for Georgia Medicaid.
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