My mom went from hospital to nursing home. Therapy then long term care, check goes to the facility. She's done her 20 days and therapy lasted until the last day of the month. Recvd a bill for a lil more than $1300. I don't understand when the accountant said Medicare and Medicaid covered all. What is the bill for? It came on the due date! ? Please someone help me understand?! I paid her life insurance with the balance in her account (with her permission) up for a year in hopes I would have a job to by then to cover the cost to be able to bury her when needed. All of this is so confusing and frustrating. Of course all bills come to me because I'm the "responsible one" sometimes I just want to give up. Btw, the office is closed today, so I am unable to chat with anyone and I've been racked with worry beacause i can't pay a dime. Ready to lay down and give the government everything,  they'll take it in the end eventually. I mean what's the point? :( These are not tears of joy...

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Hope you get your explanation when you call the billing office this morning; please let us know how this works out!

We learn from each other!
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I am assuming Mom is Medicare primary and Medicaid as supplimental. If this is so, then Medicaid should pick up the balance. But like said. depending on her income she may have to pay a co-pay. I will give u an example. Medicare pays first 20days, 21 to 100days Medicare pays half and supplimental pays their share. In my Moms situation that was $152 a day. That's $12,160. Your getting a bill for $1300. Now, if Mom doesn't have the money, you ARE NOT responsible for it or any other bills she invites unless u have signed something saying u were responsible. We r not responsible for Parents bills. POS is just a tool to help but does not make us responsible.
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Patty, you are doing the right thing going to the long-term-care facility to visit their business office, asking them why is there a $1,300 charge. Could be Mom now needs full-time Medicaid to pay for her care. I know all of this is such a crazy maze. You need to be a Philadelphia Lawyer to figure this all out.

Sometimes bills are sent out before Medicaid kicks in full-time care. Hopefully that is the issue with that bill you received.

I know I was at the business office twice for my own Mom who was in long-term care. Mom was self-pay, yet there were itemized items that weren't part of her monthly rent. Even after the visit, my head was still spinning.
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The usual story is elder went into hospital and then discharged for rehab. Rehab post hospitalization is a Medicare paid benefit. First 20/21 days at 100%. Then from day 21/22 till day 100, Medicare will at 80% IF they are "progressing" in rehab. Is this your moms story???

If so, That 20% needs to be paid in some way.
If they have decent secondary insurance, it pays the 20%. My mom had FEHIB BCBS & it covered in full any costs not paid by Medicare.
If they were already on medicaid, it pays the 20%.
If they have LTC insurance, it all depends on the policy. Most have substantial # of self pay days before the LTC policy kicks in &/OR it may not pay till they are totally out of rehab & a permanent LTC resident.
Otherwise it's private pay. It's moms debt to be paid from her resources unless you signed off to be personally financially responsible.

$ 1,300 is pretty modest amount. It's the 20% copay I bet. If mom has secondary insurance or Medicaid is her secondary insure, then they should pay the $ 1300. Bill to you is copy of bill to insurer. Calmly reread.

? for you: What is the plan for when mom is out of rehab phase?
Staying in NH or moving back home?
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