My husband is up and down all night, wanting to eat every time he gets up. He is going through all the cupboards, fridge and freezer. Any suggestions? -

My husband is up and down all night, wanting to eat every time he gets up. He is going through all the cupboards, fridge and freezer. Any suggestions?


I am wondering about putting locks on the cupboards and maybe leaving out a few snacks that would be OK...

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You should be concerned that all medicine cabinets are locked, never mind him getting to the food. Another concern would be as he's getting up in the middle of the night, he is no doubt in a fog and THAT, IN AND OF ITSELF, IS A HUGE FALL RISK!
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Oh the food that I hid from my Husband! One would have thought I was part squirrel hiding all that stuff.
Locking the cabinets or the fridge was never a problem, he would only eat items that were left out. Cookies, Nutty Buddy bars and Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookies were a favorite. It got to a point when I went shopping I would put 1 or 2 in a box on the top of the fridge so that was all he could get at one time. I would put another in the next day. I always had apples, bananas and oranges out and he would eat those.
I did place a lock on the cabinet where I stored medication, extra meds were kept in a small lock box. He never did go for any medications though, but was very compliant when I gave medication to him.

The food in your case mothergoose is one part of the "problem" it is the other things like medications, cleaning products, even mouthwash, alcohol, nail polish remover...that is a big worry if your Husband wanders at night.
I know it may mean less sleep for you but putting a bed alarm on will alert you if he gets up you can monitor what he is doing then gently coax him back to bed.

Depending on how often he gets up at night this might be the point where you...
1. Talk to his doctor about this and see if there is a medical solution. (I am not a believer in "sleeping pills" I think they give you brain fog and for a person with dementia they don't need more brain fog and they can create more problems)
2. Having someone come in at night and sit so you can sleep. This does not have to be anyone certified it will be a sitter that can monitor and prevent problems before they happen.

I am also worried that someone getting up from sleep may be a bit unsteady and may be a fall risk.
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I am experiencing this problem w/ Mom thus my question regarding ideas on "hand to mouth non refrigerated foods. "
Getting up from time to time is good for her...we call it her we don't want to discourage it and so far TG she is not waking me up during the nite as I am still working. It keeps her active & helps her to continue to toilet herself as well.

Points well taken about other activities.......recently found out she was eating my gummy vitamins like candy! Obviously they are gone now...

I leave out bananas and oranges..........mints in the candy dish........a few cookies in the cookie jar......sandwiches & cheese in the frig.......sometimes a roll of crackers on the table. I picture her on a "goodie hunt" every few hours.

For now it's working......for anyone that is following me tho.....I am contemplating placement...........I am exhausted & VERY short on patience these days.......5 yrs in.......
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Putting child locks on the cupboards but leaving out a few snacks is a great idea and I have to agree with the other posters: what kind of trouble can he get into in the middle of the night when not supervised?
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When my dad got ALZ he never once opened the fridge or a cupboard.. It is like he forgot what they were about. But if anything was on the counter or in the snack bowl he was on it!
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I agree with cwillie... What else could he be doing when no one is up to watch him. Is there someone who could help you out at night?
Leaving appropriate snacks out is a great idea.
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I think your idea sounds great, some on the forum have even padlocked the fridge! but I'd be worried about what else he might be getting up to when no one is watching.
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