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I am going to try to decipher what you wrote in your profile. You are Merrianne and you are caring for yourself? You have arthritis. You are 65 and will be retiring soon. You think your husband has Alzheimer’s and you’re wondering how to get him diagnosed. His behavior due to the suspected Alzheimer’s/dementia is causing you to want to move out. He is abusive? You do not want to care for him? You have decided because of his behavior that you want to divorce him and live in a small apartment with your 2 kitties. Have I figured it out fairly accurately?

Because you are married, you are considered his next of kin. If you simply leave him and he is diagnosed with an illness, I wonder if you could be charged with abandonment? You will need to have him diagnosed by a neurologist. If it’s proven that he has Alzheimer’s/ dementia and you want to leave, you will probably have to turn him over to the state. I’m not an attorney, but if he’s diagnosed, I’m not sure you could divorce him. You may have to file for Medicaid, put him in a facility, and if you still want an apartment, sell your home, turn over a portion of the sale to them for his care and then move. Senior apartments charge 30% of income as rent. I’d ask an attorney about all this. Of course, if he’s proven to not have Alzheimer’s but is just not well, if your conscience will let you, you could probably just move out if you would not be putting him at risk. If he has no health issues and you find you just want out, file for divorce and go.
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You need to provide more information. Diagnosed for what? Most people living with an aged parent want someone to move out. There is alot of help offered but you need to be more specific. Unless a mind reader senses a response.
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