It goes down if I don’t wear it for few days.

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I should take your denture to your dentist - ideally, the dentist who first supplied your denture - and ask him to have a good look at how it's fitting. It never hurts to check these things properly. If it's new, it may need fine adjustment. If you've had it a while, it may be that the internal structures in your jaw have settled or altered over time; or it may be that something got stuck under it and there's a little bit of scarring - could be almost anything!

Tiny bumps on mucous membrane-covered surfaces (like gums) become very big bumps if they're rubbed or otherwise irritated. So meanwhile, just for comfort, have you tried a teething gel? Your pharmacist can advise which brands have good topical anti-inflammatory properties.
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Please call the dentist who fitted you for these dentures. This is the only way you will find out what’s going on.
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