Hi wondering if anyone has experienced this behaviour in their loved ones.
Mum started to decline about 4 weeks ago - stopped eating an drinking - the last 2 weeks has seen her display these behaviours - 2 days wide awake hallucinating and eating normally, then the next day fast asleep the whole day, next day a little awake but still sleepy, then next day almost back to normal. This has repeated for 2 weeks we are really confused. The nursing home doctor says she will go up and down like this before end of life.
Has anyone seen this before?
Many thanks!

This problem after sundown is called "sundowning". Have meds been trialed?
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Ritzy86 Nov 2, 2019
Hi and apologies I didn’t see you response. Thank you I have not heard of this before good to know there is a name for it. Yes mum is on anti psyche medication not a lot and it’s only given to her when she gets really agitated. We are into our fifth week now if this behaviour

thanks again

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