My mother is weak and has regular mini-strokes. What can I do? -

My mother is weak and has regular mini-strokes. What can I do?


My mother is only 66, but has diabetes and has regular mini strokes since her first big one a few years ago. Slowly over time, one problem after another bothers her: her ears make her dizzy, her sugar is out of control no matter what she does,her back aches, her legs ache, the heat brings on strokes, etc., which it has kept her in bed a lot. I've been taking her out for walks, but she's become so weak and cannot hold herself up any more with the help of a walker. She collapses to the ground. What can I do?

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I think I would start with her doctor to see why she can't control her blood sugar AND just as importantly what effect the strokes have had on her. Is she Type I or Type II diabetic?

My cousin also had multiple strokes and they rendered her unable to do many things, like take her meds or figure out what to eat. Your mom may need help doing all of that, depending on what damage has occurred.

The doctor should be able to determine what pills and/or insulin injections are needed to control her blood sugar. Depending on her type, the food may not impact her blood sugar. People with Type I diabetes rely on insulin regardless of what carbs we eat. She may need an Endocrinologist, because they specialize in diabetes and will know much more than a Primary Care doctor. So, I'd find an Endo and a Neurologist so you can get a proper diagnosis.
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66 is pretty young to be having these health problems, I'm guessing that she is severely overweight? I'm going to second the advice from Blannie, if you are both determined to fight this then any low fat vegan diet is the way to go. And research ways to get her some exercise every day, if she can't walk well then perhaps a recumbent bike?
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Get her on a zero added fat, whole food diet (i.e. vegan, no animal fats or added fats at all). That type of diet can reverse Type II diabetes and stabilize blood sugars. But you have to be super strict. Lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, centered around starches (rice, potatoes, corn) and beans. No animal products. No oils added at all in any foods.

Research John McDougall's program and you'll see lots of success stories. He has a book called The Starch Solution that outlines his programs. If you're on Facebook, join McDougall Friends, an online group of people following his way of eating. It can change your mom's life. It can't reverse her strokes, but it can stop her from getting an worse and decrease the inflammation that is causing a lot of her problems. Also start to get the daily videos from nutritionfactsdotorg. Search their site for diabetes and get lots of evidence-based information about what works with diabetes. Good luck!
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