My mother has been seeing things outside at night for years, so now she taped up her bedroom window. Is this part of Alzheimer's?


She has been seeing things out her window at night for years. There have been train sets, kids, people, etc. She has heard whispering and said someone shines lights through the blinds and the electric socket. Yesterday she used duct tape and taped up the window. I live with her and have checked many times and assured her there was nothing there but she doesn't believe me. Is this part of Alzheimer's? Her father had schizophrenia. I tried telling her they caught the people and they are gone but it didn't work.

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Yes, delusions and hallucinations often are associated with dementia. But that is not the only possibility, and she should be evaluated medically.

You sure handled it well by telling her they caught the culprits. Sorry that didn't work. It was worth trying.

How is your mother's sense of smell? Her hearing? Her memory? Is she sometimes confused about the day or the month? Any falls or balance issues? We sure can't diagnose her, but knowing a little more about her may help get more specific responses.

Has taping up her window satisfied her? Is she more calm now at night? Does the taped window pose any risks? If she could still get out or a firefighter get in if necessary, her solution may be good at least temporarily.
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How old is your mom?
Does she have any other confusion during the day?
Is there a tree branch or something else that rubs up against the house that she might hear at night?
She should be examined by her doctor and also a geriatric neurologist.
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Petsilove, first thing have your Mom tested for an Urinary Tract Infection. Sometimes those infections can create paranoia. The infection can be treated with antibiotics. Otherwise, this could be Alzheimer's/Dementia.
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