Filing for medicaid for my mother for additional resources for her. Husband is living for last 10 years or more with daughter in Mass. He is filing for assistance there and is being listed as separated. They have no assets together and files individual taxes. Does Mi required it to be a legal separation. We do not want her to lose the insurance benefit of Tricare as he is retired AF. The only money she receives from him is his AF retirement check. Also trying to locate legal advice to help with meidcade application that is either free or low cost. My mother is 85.5 and is disabled as well as mild dementia. She qualifies for help in home so she can stay home. The application process is over whelming and I have so many questions.

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I believe the legal term would be "estranged" instead of separated. Gather up five years of tax returns to establish that. You will also need five years of bank records, with cancelled check images.
Medicaid is run state to state. Typically, Medicaid or other State operated health care programs will ask the family member to disenroll or have their eligibility removed from the TRICARE program in order to qualify or to continue to remain eligible for Medicaid or the State health care program. In Michigan, you can start the enrollment for Medicaid online.
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