Moving to my house from nursing home. Can I do this?


Can I do this? I wonder if the state PA will take my sister off of Medicaid if she rents a room in my house.

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See a lawyer and draw up a proper contract. You declare the rental income on your taxes... If you don't Medicaid calls it a GIFT. They do not allow gifts.
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I agree with above. There are so many rules about qualification on Medicaid. I would explore all the loop holes and requirements before making any moves at all. For example, how do they define a household? Would all members be counted, even if she pays you rent? It's very complicated, imo. Getting approval as she already has is quite challenging. Was she in the nursing home for a temporary ailment that has healed? Is she now no longer in need of around the clock nursing care, by order of her doctor? Why does she need to leave the nursing home?

I'd get all of that information before proceeding.
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We need more information to answer this.

What is you sister's diagnosis? How much care does she require?

I'm assuming that if she is in a nursing home that she requires 24 hour care. My assumption is based on the fact that nursing homes don't accept people who don't absolutely need 24 hour care so she MUST need it. It requires 3 shifts of people 8 hours each to accomplish. Who will be paying for her caregivers? Are you prepared to give her 24 hour care which would certainly include outside caregivers as no one person could do this alone?

As for location, are you also in PA as she is? Medicaid is a state program so if she moves out of state, it ends. If she remains in the state, it will not end. But I question her ability to pay you if she is on Medicaid. Since medicaid is a need based program, this means that she has very little assets left and that Medicaid is paying for the nursing home. Where will she get the money to pay you and for the caregiving round the clock she will surely need? It would be a big mistake to take her from the nursing home, disturbing her Medicaid approval (possibly disqualifying her) and then have her need a nursing home again in the future.

A little more information would help everyone here answer more clearly.

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