I have an job interview and my mother was fine till I told her I was going back to work before she could do a little now she can't walk by herself so what can u do u need to work no other money coming in to pay my bills

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LuckyLady, I read your profile, good heavens your Mom is only 72 years old who has heart issues... some of us here on the forums are in our 70's with our own age declines dealing with parents who are in their 90's and early 100's.

Yes, get back to work, as with modern science your Mom could live into her 90's. Get in as much work, with benefits, as you can. Like Jessie mentioned above, see if there is a local adult daycare or senior center that hopefully Mom might like. She really needs to be around people of her own age. Any time I visit my Dad where he lives, in Independent Living, the gals are in the main living room area laughing and talking.

Does Mom own the house she is in? If yes, if it is a large home, time to downsize to help the cash flow problem. If the house is paid off and she downsizes, use the equity to have a paid caregiver come in for 3 hours a day, or to move to a senior apartment complex.
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Lucky, you need to go back to work. You're at an age where if you don't make some money for now and for your retirement, your own life will suffer. Your mother probably felt safe when you were there, so she is worried how she will feel when you are working. In this instance, your working is equally or more important. If she is not a wealthy woman who can pay you for caring for her and leave an ample estate, you need to work. If your mother is unable to stay alone in the future, cities have adult daycare and senior centers available. Good luck on your job interview.
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I'm not sure what your question is. You have to return to work, right?

Does your mother live with you or in her own house? I think I would discuss her condition and prognosis with her doctor. If she needs care during the day, I'd try to arrange for that with outside help. If she doesn't have the funds, I explore what benefits and resources that may be available to her.

Since you say you have to work, then I would explain that to your mother. Certainly, she will understand. She may like for you to be with her during the day, but if finances require otherwise, she'll have to accept it.
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