I moved back home to take care of Mom and Dad. My brother has always lived there and probably has Autism never diagnosed. He will be 65 next year and he is going to retire but never made much money. My brother does have some money saved and we own the house together. Mom and Dad are still alive 94. Who should we start with asking if there is anything he qualifies for.

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Yours is ? #1 on this site.....there is no simple magical unicorn answer that takes care of everything and easily. I'd suggest you make a pot of coffee or fix a big adult beverage and read through and make notes from the many many posts and answers on this site.

Keep in mind that most caregiving in the US for the elderly is done by family & done for free. That is the reality of aging in america.

If the elder has funds, they can themselves pay family to caregive with income reported, taxes paid, etc. Medicaid is available to those who qualify both medically and financially for a specific Medicaid program available & administered in your state. Like for NH Medicaid, they have to have a medical history documenting the need for skilled nursing care and have to be basically improverished with 2k in nonexempt assets and under whatever monthly income your state has (tends to be about $2,100 for an individual) set with all of their income paid (less a small allowance) to the facility as the required SOC (share of cost).
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